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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dream job, top ten list.

This week has brought about some good news for my lovely hometown of Saginaw. We are getting an Ulta Beauty store, and it just so happens beauty-makeup-skincare-and haircare are my passion. So I have put in my application and I feel like I need to build a top ten list of why they should NOT overlook my profile, even if it is just for my own benefit. As my friend Raven would say, my lists rock!
Top Ten Reasons Why Ulta Beauty Should Hire Me:
  1. It is a field that requires studying and playing. Products and styles are always being updated and people who are passionate should always be learning and trying out things. I try new makeup looks, read books and magazines, watch trends, follow styles, investigate new products, watch youtube videos, and more. I am always experimenting, allowing myself to make mistakes and grow in something I am passionate about.
  2. Customer Service skills, every job I have had has been customer service oriented, and I always get complimented on how pleasant I am on the phone and in person. Customers actually ask to speak or deal with me directly. It is a compliment I have gotten several times. At Ulta the customers would be the job!
  3. I have great listening skills. I have listened to my friends skin or makeup issues and responded with advice I feel would fit. I find when I have gone into a beauty store the sales people don't listen to what I want they just try to push their favorite items on me. People will probably more money if you present them with options they ACTUALLY want. Example: I wanted a palette and instead of listening when I said I wanted the cheaper option so I could buy more products the girl kept insisting on the most expensive one and once I made it clear I did not want it she was no longer interested in helping me. I understand if you are working on commission but people would rather get more items that they want and would spend more doing so, instead of one item that costs their whole beauty budget. Plus you will get repeat customers when they know you are invested in their interests. 
  4. I am an artist and your face is a wonderful blank canvas that you get to create on every day for 60+ years. Every day you get a "medium" that is free and every day you can play and make mistakes or make masterpieces and then you get to do it all again the next day.
  5. There are rules to follow and rules to be broken! Life is about playing and learning, and not about using the same products every day for the rest of your life. Life is too short and new stuff comes out all the time, and it would be too hard to ignore that change is good and inevitable! Hair grows out and skin can be washed. There are rules to follow like "wash your face everyday" but there are rules to be broken "no one looks good in pink eyeshadow".
  6. People need advice, heck I know more than a lot of people and I still need help! You have to realize that while people may ask for your help they may not always take your advice. Some people are only interested in baby steps and you have to find even the small victories rewarding! Example: I had a friend who had some skin issues and we were able to determine she never used moisturizer (never even THOUGHT about it), after talking to me she bought some and her skin issue was resolved!
  7. There is no "I can't" in makeup or beauty. For a long time I said "I can't wear red lipstick because I am too pale and have red hair!" Well I took that I can't and made it into a can, by trial and error, you just have to find what works for you and build on it, or take what doesn't work for you and find a way to make it work!
  8. Know what people want, I feel like I do, especially by listening and learning. If someone comes in looking for one item and ONLY one item don't try to sell them on a million other things. They will go somewhere else and they may not come back. You want to turn people on not off. Just because someone wants JUST a mascara this time doesn't mean next pay check she won't want ten new items!
  9. I don't bug people. I hate when the same sales person asks me three times or more if I am ok, or need any help. Some people just need to look at every item and would like to look on their own. Some people don't want or need your help and honestly after you ask someone twice you are just bugging them. Again you want to turn people on to the atmosphere not frustrate them into leaving.
  10. Building on # 9, respect the surroundings. If I worked at Ulta I would respect that I am at work and respect the customers. I don't know how many times I have gone to a certain store and there are workers who talk so loud their conversations are heard by everyone. It is distracting and annoying. Also I would never argue with someone, I had a sales person tell me I did not get the item for a certain price because it was a "sale" price. Even though I had bought the SAME item three times over six months for the exact price they were claiming was sale. He insisted I was wrong several times and finally I gave up and left. I did not really feel like shopping for things that made me feel good after he made me feel pretty bad. Just be respectful of your surroundings and the people in them.
So those are the reason why I think I would make an excellent employee at a place I would spend a lot of time at anyways. It is something I am passionate about and think it would be a great environment for me. So cross your fingers and pray pray pray that this awesome place gives me a call!

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Tyler said...

I think you'd be perfect for this job. Good luck!!