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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best etsy seller ever

Every once in a while you run into a GREAT etsy seller. One that provides not only a great item at a great price, but someone who goes beyond their obligations to customer service. This seller went over and above what she could do to make it a perfect sale. This blog post is for her shop, and I am going to pimp her out for a while because the experience was so amazing.
So here is the story.
As you know from PREVIOUS POST I have been looking for some new lip balms/tints. I have looked through countless shops for ones that have gotten good feedback, offer multiple colors, and flavoring. Finally I have been purchasing them, starting with BodyLuminosity.I ended up purchasing a maraschino cherry (YUM) lips tint. The shipping was excellent!
I received it on a saturday, a night I was planning a big night out. I was so excited, it smelled amazing. I set it on my bed and was off to do whatever I was doing that day. I got home that night to get ready for the bar night and I looked all over the bed. IT WAS GONE. I looked in my purse, in my makeup drawer, and finally the floor. DUN DUN DUN
On the floor all I found was the clear plastic wheel that turns the balm up and down, it was CHEWED. My dog, my lovely dog, takes naps on my bed. She found the lip balm and completely destroyed it. My dad found it and did not even know what it was, she almost ate the entire thing. I did eventually find this out that she had ate it, I was so upset. I cried a little because I was already sad about something else, it was a last straw type of thing.
I emailed BodyLuminosity, letting her know I could not leave feedback, detailed, because my pup got to it before I even had a chance to try it out. She assured me that it was all edible stuff and the pup would be fine, THEN insisted on sending me another one. Well of course I insisted she do nothing of the sort, I was disappointed but it was my own fault and a result of my carelessness. She said she wanted me to have a new one and was sending one anyways. I was excited! She could not send me the exact one but did send me another one I was interested in.
I cannot say that another seller would have gone over and above like that, especially since I paid and left feedback, she could have just let it be. NO she sent me a new one, she let me know that the dog would not be hurt, and she talked with me the whole time through the conversation option on etsy.
I got that second package, RIPPED it open, unwrapped it, teased the dog, put it on my lips, and put it in my purse!
Needless to say a cute boy liked it last night.

THANK YOU BODYLUMINOSITY for being an amazingly awesome super etsy seller!