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Friday, October 31, 2008

Mama's Magic Studio ~ Where Handmade Magic Happens

Octobers Etsy Blogger Feature is

Mama's Magic Studio ~ Where Handmade Magic Happens

I am a domestic goddess, an aspiring children's book author, a proud SAHM and maker of beautiful things, including Baby Friendly Beads (available at my other etsy shop: http://bfbeads.etsy.com)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scrumptious goodies from SassyFraz!

I just got some goodies in the mail from a dear chat friend through etsy. This seller has an awesome store full of bath and body items that are yummy.Lotions potions and perfumes are such a weak spot for me! So I knew I wanted to try some stuff.I suggest you head over to the store and check it out. The solid perfume sticks are perfect for on the go, fits right in my purse or pocket.As I am typing this out I keep smelling my arm and I smell like yummy Christmas goodies and I have a feeling my boyfriend is going to have a hard time keeping his sniffer away from me!The goodies I received were; Lotion, perfume stick, mini spray perfume.
I was surprised the scents are very unique and lasting.
THANKS Sassyfraz for keeping the world smelling a bit better!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

CLosing my other store

I opened another store to list just my jewelry but am now realizing I just do not have the time to promote two shops.

I am closing this store because I just do not have the time to run and promote two shops. I will just start listing my rings in my other store which gets a lot more traffic views and hearts.

I would like to sell everything in this store before I close.
I will send you a promo button package with purchase!
I will also trade from this store.
I just want to clear it out before closing!

Thanks for reading my blurb.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Relax... what is that?

Well this month I am doing the relax Carnival for EtsyBloggsers!
Things I do to relax:
1) My boyfriend and I are recently very into drinking tea, I happened to find a super cool tea store called Teavana, and it is online too, so we ordered a bunch of yummy sounding teas to use with our easy teamaker! We love drinking the tea at night and it is relaxing!2) If I am having a particularly BAD day a nice hot bubble bath always works for me. Take a good book in and I can soak up the hours of the night

3) Etsy, chatting and creating stuff. Working with my hands is very relaxing especially painting!
I wish I could have time to relax every day! That won't be happening this weekend for sure!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time in Chat is not wasted

I was thinking about my purchases the other day and I realized I have purchased a lot of things from people I found in chat rooms. So when you are thinking, What can I do to promote? The simplest thing is get your butt in chat! I have sold a few things and done some great trades while in chat.
Purchases from Chat 10/27
Trades from Chat 4
Items Sold from Chat 12/50

Those numbers may not be HUGELY impressive, but I mean a sale is a sale, a trade is a trade, and a purchase is a purchase. All are great, make someone feel good, and you get neat things.

You can do all this while chatting having fun and browsing shops.