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Friday, February 29, 2008

Panda Butt

One of the reasons I opened my shop is because WELL honestly there are some really awesome artists on etsy, and I want to shop. There YA HAPPY! I admitted it, well hey it might be money back in your pocket. This is my recent 1st etsy purchase.

This is from WickedMoxie and I cannot wait to get it!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't get much better than this

These are so awesome for making any ho hum fridge more eye catching, and more outspoken ;)
Write your poems
Write A poem
Write a note to your mom-boyfriend-roomate-brother-grandma-girlfriend-boss-or even yourself
Write a reminder
Write an inspiring quote
Write a silly joke
Write a love note


The outside square is a fun pattern or solid paper in 1&3/4 in. The inside circle is coordinating colored lines in 1&11/16 in. You get a dozen magnets with the following color/pattern: Blue, Aqua, Orange dots, Retro pattern, pink and orange Argyle, Purple stripe, red pattern, Yellow flower, plum, pink stripe, pink love, aqua paisley!

Stick it to the fridge and have a great day, you will not be able to walk by the fridge without smiling, and your guest will not be able to walk by without stopping to read!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First post... kind of

Well this is the first official post of Createathoughts new blog. This is a blog dedicated to the going-ons of www.createathought.etsy.com.
I had to restart this blog, giving it a new link since I had it connected to my personal blog and it was leaving comments in my name instead of createathought like I wanted.
A little about myself and my store.
I am 21 living in Tri city Michigan. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember.
I started this store with the intention of being able to put money back into the etsy community and support some of those amazing artists and sellers. Also our main focus is www.dogsrule.com
I have found that at my hum ho job I make enough to cover my bills with no extra money left over to donate to my love of dogs. So you make a purchase you are also donating to handmade artists of etsy & dogs in sheltars and helping them be fed and find forever homes.
Createathought will be primarily journals of all shapes sizes colors and themes. And journaly themed items. I will also be offering prints cards home decors, pretty much everything. I dabble in any art medium and object I can get my hands on.
Please feel free to comment here or at the store. I will be frequently adding stores to spotlight on the sidebar links, stores createathought has bought from & their blogs!
Thanks for stopping by!