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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh October

They etsy blogger team carnival for October!
Halloween - What are you doing to celebrate this year? (Either in your Etsy Shop,with your family and friends, or even home decor)
WELL- Bought a costume called Honey ale. My best friend and I are going to see two hot local bands Fri and Sat of Halloween weekend!
It is cute! It is very hard to find a costume that fits right when you have a little extra something something and all the costumes are designed for skinny minnies!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday top eight

Inspired by Elsie Flannigan's Sunday ten loves, I am doing my own verson, only mine is eight because I cannot find ten things I love about today since I just woke up two hours ago!
1) An awesome bling bling necklace from Stoopidgirl on etsy. She makes awesome stuff and this is something that is in my favorites for sure! I mean come on who doesn't like bling? And this bling is huge!
2) This is completely me! I love pandas and my bf says I am a panda, and I have red hair! Steppie is awesome and makes lots of panda goodness on etsy. This is in my favorites!
3) A painting that I finished on thursday, it took forever but I cannot get good pics because my dog loves to snoop, and the lighting is never right. But this is super cute with her in it!
4) Two of my friends just recently started a band Seventh Vail, it is pretty awesome. I loved seeing them play and hope they get booked at more places soon! They are some cute boys!
5) Facebook, it runs my life!
6) My friends coffee mug. It is huge, from NYC! I love it and I get to use it on Sundays to actually drink a lot of coffee!
7) Penny my dog, and my love, she is messy. She has a basket for her toys and everyday she proceeds to pull them all out and strew them all over the living room. So cute!
8) Coffee Mate Tiramisu creamer, delish!