M.E. = B.E.T.H

Friday, June 20, 2008

June 23rd Carnival: Lovin the craft

So my etsy shop is full of cards and Journals, and what do I make for myself???
I love to scrapbook. I like to take pictures and put them with pretty things and make fun scrapbooks big and small. Plus I make cards to give out to people I know. Birthday at work? Beth makes the card!!!
Yes my home is full of my creations....
I love making altered art. I love these scrapbooks pages and my altered frame!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I feel so depressed being so close to my dream art room and having it taken away just when I was almost there.
It just isn't fair!
But as you can see from my little sketch it was going to be pretty funky indeed. It would have been nice to have the computer and a window and be upstairs with the dog and sinks.
But I am destined to stay in my cluttered arted up basement...
at least for now

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AliciaMae's taste of eccentric!

June featured Etsy Blogger is..... AliciaMae!
A lil about this crafter:

Here are some of the items you can get from her in one of the stores. Seriously check out all three for something good or some inspiration!