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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday List

I "borrowed" this from my friend Kate's Blog.

1. Holiday spirit is hard to come by this year, no snow, warm temps. I am really going to have to start psyching myself up!

2. The holidays are incomplete without Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut, Coffee Cake, Cookies, Puppy Chow, Homemade ornaments and stockings.

3. My favorite things to do around the holidays is going to holiday things, window displays, events, whatever!

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is Coffee Cake from a special bakery in Bay City, Church, Presents, Amazing Dinner.

5. Holiday music is AWESOME! I have it on Pandora radio, set in my car, and a sweet Bing Crosby thrift cd!

6. This year, I'll be spending the holidays Hopefully with my parents. I think they are driving down so it will be bro,mom,dad,me. And I would honestly not want anything else.

7. Holiday wish list A mixing bowl for my house, a membership to Sam's Club, a webcam so I can skype!