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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coolest Jewelry for Summer and Fall 2011

I am obsessed with a seller on etsy named blockpartypress. I will take you on a journey in this blog post of my favorite items that are necklaces, and one ring. This seller does so many unique items from necklaces and rings, to magnets and hair pins, buckles, bookmarks and on and on. This seller works with hand carved stamps and polymer clay to create one of a kind items that I can only assure no one else around you will have. So lets take an amazing journey through necklaces that will become conversation pieces.
A night on the town, cities are hot right now and even if you don't live in a big one you can still appreciate a little city scape on your neckline. Neckline meet skyline <3
Big chunky bright flowers are hip and very hippy reminiscent. The seller has several colors available, so cute! It is girl but even a non-girly girl will find something to love about this flower.

Cupcakes! I am obsessed with this bite sizes bake good since I started thinking about opening a cupcake shoppe. These are adorable and delectable and the colors just pop!
Jet setters can become trend setters. Who doesn't love flying off to somewhere exotic, even if you are stuck on the ground wearing this necklace will show of your inner travel fantasies.
Who ever thought sewing would be hot?! Well it is and young and old sewers alike would love this cool spool hanging around their neck. Even cooler? Getting it customized in a thread color of your choice.

Anyone who paints knows its addicting. Wear it proud and say it loud with this necklace, I LOVE PAINT!
Best mood rings..... ever. Cloud rings, you almost need one of each. Plus they would match any outfit.

Bows are really in right now, so if you are feeling like you need a bow in your life opt out of the plastic thing on your finger and go for a bolder bow.


Lesle Alvarado said...

Ooh, I like the flower!

Anonymous said...

This is REALLY cute stuff! I will definitely be working on getting some of these. I love them and am now FOLLOWING! Do you mind if I post about it? Great stuff. xoxo