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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Facts about my new home

Just thought I would update with a few fun facts since I have been doing a lot of research.
  • Forbes ranked Jacksonville in the “Top 10 Best U.S. Cities to Find a Job.”
  • National Geographic Adventure magazine ranked Jacksonville as one of the “Top Six Beach Towns” in the United States!
  • AmericanStyle magazine ranked Jacksonville as one of its “Top 25 Arts Destinations.”!
  • Jacksonville, the largest city in area in the continental United States, is a rapidly growing metropolitan city in Northeast Florida, with approximately 850,000 residents.

Tonight I officially ate at a new place in Jax, I am looking forward to all the new culinary experiences. Tonight was Moe's which is similar to a Qdoba or a Chipotle. The cool thing is you get free chips and salsa, unlimited!


Bright Circle said...

Jacksonville has a beach? Oh what I missed during my months-long tenure there as a slightly-bewildered five-year-old!


hhah yes! Jax is a beach city it is first coast because it's the first city on the east coast side in fla! A lot has changed I think

Anonymous said...

Another interesting fact about Jax, you could fit everyone on earth in the city limits, that's how big it is!

JustJen said...

I hope you're enjoying that beach! MI is starting to get cold.