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Monday, October 25, 2010

Thrift stores revisted

I think my view of thrifting has always been a little skewed. Mostly because the clothing places I visited seemed dirty, junky, and unorganized. It seemed like the clothes were in really bad shape, so I stopped going to resale or thrift shops. I really only shopped for furniture and knick knacks and books, sheet music, etc.

Well I decided that maybe, just maybe, my large new city would have a little higher quality clothing places. I was right. We went to about four places, there was a goodwill by the pound, that was a little lower quality, but I did get a skirt, a random polka dot shirt and a leather jacket. I am kinda a germaphobe, so I am doing laundry tomorrow.

I got a lot of great items. Even some non-clothing items, a yoga vhs, and...... a BING CROSBY Christmas cd, FOR THE WIN.

It was a good day, I found an amazing thrift store, the last one we went to, that had an amazing selection and the quality and cleanliness is amazing.

Is there an activity you gave up on that maybe you should give another chance?

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