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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things I do not like

It cannot be all fun and games all the time. I try and pretend it can be, but then sometimes things come in multiples of three OR MORE and they are things that are more or less not so fun.

1) Having mosquito bites on the tops of my feet. Seriously the mosquitoes had to pick the most annoying area to bite multiple times.

2) Pretty Little Liars not being posted online after it aired on ABC Family. I think I should be uploaded within three hours.

3) Missing above show to go to a poetry reading that was a) held at a tiny coffee shop b) so packed I had to sit outside c) it was cold outside.

4) My phone will not longer send texts to facebook. It will receive, it will upload photos. But I cannot text back :(

5) Facebook at home will not load correctly, photos are being left out on profiles and the wall/news feed.


Deanna said...

What is it with the mosquitoes??? I usually get bit on the feet and ankles. Hate it!

Anonymous said...

I detest mosquitoes. Hate them, hate them, hate them.