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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Carnival

February 14th is Valentine's Day. What is your best childhood memory of Valentine's Day?

Honestly the school parties, they were always a blast! Dressing in pinks and reds. Sweets a
nd treats. Making lil bags/boxes to hold valentines from classmates. The super cool cards and candies everyone gave!

This is my first single Valentines in six years. I honestly can say I want this holiday to be over with, just this year.... As I am a hopeless/hopeful romantic I am hoping to have some love by 2011.

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foxygknits said...

Thank you for participating in the Blog Carnival, and I am sorry that you are hurting. I am sure that you have lots of love around you right now, maybe not just romantic love. The best thing you can do is love yourself first and foremost.