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Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty Lil Dresses

I swear Etsy has some HOTT dresses! Might have found this in a treasury, but it is amazing. I am going to lose weight and move to a town that has a hot club atmosphere and the buy this dress. Normally pink is not my color but look at this thing!
Decadent Designs is the creator of this amazing piece, the whole shop is pretty rockin in my opinion. "specializes in custom made cocktail dresses, evening wear, corsets, bustiers, pencil skirts and PVC club wear." I am not sure what PVC Club wear is, anyone wanna tell me?


{eleise} said...

OOOO I love pink! This is so great!

PS. I'm so in love with your amazing header!

Summer Raven said...

I agree, this shop has some pretty hot dresses! Thanks for reminding me of the temptation!