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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Traditions

As I sit here at work during the biggest blizzard of the year I decided to blog my carnival for December.
Traditions, every family has them, some are better than others!
. 1. the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, esp. by word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down to us by popular tradition.
2. something that is handed down: the traditions of the Eskimos.
3. a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting: The rebellious students wanted to break with tradition.
4. a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices.
5. a customary or characteristic method or manner: The winner took a victory lap in the usual track tradition.

Well we have a lot of traditions, see if you share any:
  • Mom and I bake cookies, puppychow, fudge, and many other things of the food nature. Usually I end up eatting a lot of sugar cookie dough and making a dough ball.
  • Put up the tree with all the ornaments we have collected over the years, and all our knick knacks, mom's barbie ornaments
  • Candy Canes everywhere, on the tree in hot chocolate, YUM
  • James and I Christmas Eve Anniversary (five years this year) trying to find a restaurant that is open later than 6pm!
  • Kurt and I always making small snow hills and sledding down them
  • Princess having to have a path shoveled in the yard for her because she was teeny tiny
  • Playing moms old Christmas records
Traditions, some last and some fade, some change and some stay the same forever.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog Carnival post.

Your season sounds joyfilled, even if you must shovel snow!


storybeader said...

candy canes and cookies - what says Christmas and December more than that! And paths being shoveled... for everyone who is little. I like the trying to find a restaurant open - you should know by now... *teehee*
♪♫♫Wishing you a Merry Christmas♪♫♫♪

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some snow traditions . . . but then again, maybe not. I'm a total homebody. I think I would love being snowed in . . . but I've never actually been snowed in.