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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My best seller

My boyfriend James said something to me once, "find what your niche is and that will lead to your riches"
He said this in regard to my etsy shop and my products.
Well little did I know that a fart would be my niche. This button ABOVE was my best seller this Christmas holiday. People loved it, and it really surprised me. Not only did I sell my stock I had to print the images and make a whole new batch.
While it didn't lead to my riches per say it did pad my paypal account and helped pay for James/family Christmas Presents from etsy. It also helped me get to (almost 100) sales.

So enjoy your fart buttons people! And ... you can always come back for more farts!


Anonymous said...

HA! Maybe I should get some for the kids! LOL

JodisCraftEmporium and More said...

that is ssssoooo funny. i love it.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Your boyfriend is a wise man.
Funny button too:)

Expressions By Devin said...

Those are so funny!!!I love your etsy shop and blog.Super cute banner

Estela said...

haha! That's awesome!

glassidentities said...

I am not sure how I missed the fart buttons in your shop... my boys would love these :)