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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pieces of April

This is the theme this week for the Etsy Bloggers Carnival
Well April is turning out to be such a busy month for me. School is winding down to an end for this semester, and I am in much need of the summer break. I have so many things planned for summer I just can't wait for may 1st.
Also I am getting a lot of crafting down for me and my store. Since opening my store in January I have kind of moved away from scrapbooking for me. So I sat down with a friend last sunday and finished my mini album from a girls night out. Reminded me I need to keep scrapping and not push it aside totally.
With the beginning of spring is also bringing some hard decisions for me. My dog Princess is not doing so well. She has good days and bad days. Twice recently she has peed in the house. It is a concern because my parents said that was a sign that it was time to put her down. I am struggling with this because I have been letting her out more and giving her less water when I am not there and she isn't peeing on the floor. How can I just let go of a dog I have had for 13 years? Since I was in third grade and now in college? She is all I have most days, since I live alone in my house. She is my reason to get up some days, and my night time snuggler.
A good thing about this, hard to believe there can be a silver lining to this situation, but it has forced me to finally take in some pictures of her to get drawn up for my tattoo portrait. So in the next few weeks I am going to get a black and grey portrait done on my left shoulder, where my heart is.
I have one tattoo right now. I plan on having my whole back covered by the time I die. Each piece will symbolize or represent a piece/time/event in my life that is very important to me. I will get ones for my close family members when they pass, I have song verses and bible verses I will get done eventually. But right now I have the rose that symbolizes the five year relationship I am in, and I will have my dog, my heart and soul since I was nine. Who can say they have had a dog that long, 13 years, from age nine to twenty-two, so it is understandable why she is so much a part of my heart and will be so hard to let go.
For now we will take it one day at a time. That is all I can ask for one more day.....


Barbra said...

I had a loveable dog for 16 years...I know what you're feeling.
One day at a time.....

Serendipity Collections said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Princess. I have 3 beloved dogs and can sympathize so much!

Love your tatoo idea! Your back will be your life in art - cool idea!

I enjoyed reading your post and my thoughts and prayers are with you concerning Princess.


Doodlesprouts said...

I am so sorry to read about Princess. Our pets are so special to us. Great idea for the tattoo. Please post some pics when you get it done!!! Thanks for sharing!