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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why keep a journal?

"Taking a few minutes to write in a journal is an excellent way to get in touch with yourself. Before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, you can sit with a cup of coffee or tea and slow things down. Journaling can help you off-load so that you’re ready for the day. Journaling is a great way to focus on yourself. ...It’s a good self-awareness tool that can help you focus on areas that need work."
Journaling is a way to store all those memories, the little and the big. Capture the moments. Much like a movie, set the scene, describe the players, direct the events, fill in with the proper amount of emotions...you are the writer, director... and dreamer. A journal does not have to stick to the facts, just the facts, it can and should veer off the beaten track. Make connections, pull in memories, make the mundane sing. © 2010 Associated Content, Inc.

So, what can a journal do for me?

a journal can...

* be a place to store all those random memories, those ones you think you'll never forget...but just might. Having a storage area of people you've met, places you've been, brief experiences you've had are priceless. No one else has the same collection. No one.

* the mix of these random thoughts, can provide connections that can be the catalyst for a song, a painting, a story, a script, a poem.....

* relieve stress. writing things out, puts a perspective on the events, helps distance yourself from the source of the frustration or pain and allows you to be subjective for a moment....or just vent!

*provide invaluable practice. it's true, practice does make perfect. The very act of journaling, makes you a more imaginative, confident, skilled writer. © 2010 Associated Content, Inc.
The benefits of journaling have been scientifically proven to:

• Improve physical health and mental well-being
• Diminish symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, PTSD, asthma, arthritis, and many other health conditions and disorders
• Improve cognitive functioning
• Make therapy more effective
• Strengthen the immune system, preventing a host of illnesses
• Counteract many of the negative effects of stress
• Finally, journaling is for everyone. It just “feels good” to write Copyright © 2007-2009 My Therapy Journal.com

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Kathleen said...

Very interesting. I have kept a blessing book for many years - similar to a journal, but I record a special blessing from the Lord each day. It does help me to focus on the gifts God has bestowed on me along the way =)