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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I am SO proud of myself. I have had an ipod shuffle for years and never worked on it myself, I always had "someone" put music on it. I just did not know/want to learn how. Now I DID IT ON MY OWN! So proud, so happy about this tiny accomplishment. Seriously it is an amazing feeling for this tiny bit of independence. Not feeling so lost. Not feeling like oh, "someone" did that for me, BUT I can do it for myself now!

I still want to share my small accomplishment with "someone".

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Amarettogirl said...

I appreciate - these kinds of little victories that help build the confidence foundation we stand on - making it so we can take more and more steps and face the world fearlessly!

Nice to virtually meet you - I'm in your Indie 2.0 class
you can find me here: