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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Loves

Here are some thing I am loving RIGHT NOW!Elsie Flannigan's blog. She is simply an amazing artist who inspires me greatly. I love her blog and her shop and her over-all. The picture above shows how beautiful she is (I am so jealous of that dress) and her blog shows her beautiful personality.I love little wood signs, I have about half a dozed saved up for my new place, but no doggie ones yet! This is from thehomespunraven @ etsy who is also a Michigander like me!
I really do not know how this is even still available. It is wonderful, and I want it! It is art by vanillagirl13 and it is pewter bamboo wall art. Very simple but so beautiful!

There is no surprise why I like this shirt, being a crafter and all. Plus this artist is great I have some totes from their store and I love rainbowswirlz designs!
Elsie (see above beautiful person) posted this place on her blog, and now I am addicted. I am not sure what it even is but right now it is beautiful pictures and art that is posted every day. I think it is like a photo blog. It is amazing.

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Elsie Flannigan said...

awwe. thanks. XO. elsie