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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soap for your teeth

I am not one to buy the same thing twice on etsy. I will buy from the same people but I like to try different products. This all changed one night in chat.
Someone said I just ordered some Soap For Your Teeth, Soap For Your Teeth what is that I said? And thus began my research into this wonderful product.The maker is BeautifulSoaps on etsy. She has created a product that is pretty amazing. She offers sample sizes which I RECOMMEND because I was skeptical and now I am a believer. Samples are a way to try the product without committing to a large size.
So I got my sample size. Hmm I thought as a try it, it does have a different taste. The one thing I noticed right away was the feeling on my teeth. It feel shiny and smooth. It takes a lot longer for plaque to build up (or teeth fuzzes).

So what really made you start thinking hmmm I can make soap for teeth?
I probably would have never even have given it a thought if it hadn’t been for a custom special request. My first thought was ‘how weird’ but then as I researched it I realized the information I was finding really made sense. I have already been trying to get rid of using chemicals to clean with and wash my hair and body with so this seemed natural to me. I had already done some reading on the negative effects of fluoride so I didn’t have to be sold on that aspect.

What was your honest to goodness first reaction when you tried it?
Hmm, this isn’t that bad! I love minty fresh bursts of life when I brush my teeth and this didn’t give me that, but what it did give me was VERY clean teeth and a different kind of freshness. I wanted that mint taste so I popped a piece of Trident and my teeth were so clean and uncoated with glycerin that the gum was sticking to my teeth. I guess that’s when I really realized that not only did my teeth not only feel cleaner but they were cleaner.

It seems like all you have gotten is positive feedback, has there been any negative remarks regarding this product that has helped you make this into a better product, or is it the exact same recipe since day one?

Mostly I have gotten positive feedback, which I’m very thankful for. I’ve had some people tell me that they weren’t crazy about the taste at first, but gave it a little more time and ended up really liking it. I know that not everyone is going to like it. I think that’s okay. We’re not robots or clones right? Individuality makes the world go round. I’m not the first one to come up with this concept. There are other Etsy sellers, individuals and companies that have handmade tooth soap available. You can use any basic handmade soap to brush your teeth with and get the same effect. I have put a lot of thought, research and love into the ingredients. I know it isn’t going to taste like commercial toothpaste, but I wanted to give it some sort of flavor advantage too. I’ve pretty much used the same recipe since the beginning, but I have tweaked it a bit and I’ll probably continue to experiment.

Does it do anything extra that toothpaste just doesn't do? What doesn't it do that toothpaste does?

Well, it doesn’t give you that knock-me-out mint rush that I had come to know and love. But it also isn’t poisoning you with fluoride and preventing your teeth from naturally re-enameling themselves, the way nature intended. Sorry if I seem a bit cynical, but I think it’s wrong to strip out the natural good in products and replace them with cheaper alternatives that are harmful. It’s almost as if they just don’t care… but that’s another discussion.

Have you talked to a dentist about this product? If so what did they say?

I haven’t personally talked to a dentist about it yet. My husband and I have only been using this for a little over 4 months now. Well, since I first got the request to make an alternative for toothpaste. I am very anxious to hear what a dentist would have to say though. Very good question and I’ve got it at the top of my to-do list now. There’s a lot of information available about creating your own natural hygiene/cleaning products. My advice is research, research, research! You’ll find something you love and a lot of times it will work better and be more cost effective in the long run.
The ingredients include:
Saponified Olive Oil
Peppermint EO
Spearmint EO
Cinnamon EO
Anise EO
Orange EO
Lemon EO
  • This stuff is WONDERFUL! Normally by mid morning I feel like I need to re-brush and I haven't even eaten anything - but with this stuff, I don't feel slimy even by the evening!! It wonderful!
  • very nice! I'm a Soap For Your Teeth convert!
  • Love it! Love the size and it makes me feel good knowing I'm being better to my teeth. :)
  • I really like this!! Thanks for the safe alternative to toothpaste...will be getting more:)
  • I waited to review this one until I had a chance to try it a few times. The taste of this one is the best flavor of any Soap for teeth I have tried. Yum! A lip balm in this same flavor would be delish! Can't beat the convenient packaging, too. So far, it's also the only tooth soap that doesn't give me chapped lips. I think you have a winner here! :-)
  • I like the way that it makes my teeth feel nice and clean. It seems like it will last me quite awhile. The "soapy" taste takes a little getting used to, but it's not bad at all. I taste the freshness of the oils more than I taste the soap.
  • Glad I could try the sample, now I know I want to get a big one soon!
I am actually going to the dentist in two weeks and I cannot wait to hear what he has to say about my clean teeth and this product I found in the handmade world.
I am truly a Soap For Your Teeth convert I love it!

I really suggest you at least try a sample for yourself, after all life is about experiencing something new!


missknits said...

oh wow! i never heard of tooth soap! but i think i am gonna have to try a sample! how unique and creative! she may be onto something big! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Beth. Thanks for the heads up!

Janet P. said...

I have never heard of tooth soap before. I may have to try a sample after reading your post.

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