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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September featured Seller

Joeyandaleethea step on up!
Super cuteness abound in this kid friendly store. Moms you will delight in the wonderful items for your little ones!Joey & Aleethea™ is a super cutesie boutique for baby boys, baby girls and their peeps!
So true, lots of color and style!

Whether your baby is a monster, a rocker, a jock, a tree-hugger, a military brat, a corporate coo-er, a diva, a retro radical, a cowboy or an indian, an artiste, a punk, a prince or princess, there's no doubt your baby is super cutesie! We've got super cutesie coolness...handmade by a mom.

I hope I have a rocker/diva/artsit baby some day!

They only high-end designer fabrics and the highest quality of materials which are ultra durable, super cool and also super soft and luxurious!

So check it out, and heart them NOW!


Walk in the Woods said...

Yay for Joey & Aleethea!

Beth said...

I have already hearted them. They have fantastic stuff--and stuff for boys which is hard to find.

Debra said...

It's great to be able to find boy items in a world full of girly stuff. I love the tie oneise.

Brandon said...

Such a cute shop!

kim* said...

ive bought some bibs from her...3. including a set

nicaeli said...

such a cute shop, thanks for sharing:)