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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WEEK OF FEATURES #three Stephasaurus2themax

I wanted to feature my fellow craft (and button) friend on etsy Stephasaurus2themax. She is super awesome and has super awesome items in her store!
instead of doing my usual feature style I am doing

If you could be a robot, what kind of robot would you be?

I would be a dinobot. Seriously, a dinosaur robot would be pretty dang cute right??

What is a tool you are craving to own right now?

OOOH, that's easy!! A semi-auto button machine! I'm so sick of handpressing every single button with my badgeaminit... ugh.. yes, that's right! Every single one by hand. I have the blister in the middle of my palm to prove it! :) It's worth it though, I've had a love for buttons since the first time I saw Empire Records.

What is your favorite thing to make?

Right now I'm stuck on those zippy pouches! I have an obsession with funky fabrics... a very very big obsession! And those little pouches give me a chance to use lots, and be a bit creative pairing silly fabrics together. I'm branching out now and putting little pockets inside and adding wrist straps and stuff too! ;)

So what is up with your shop name?

:D All of my friends have called me Stephasaurus for years!! And I went through a strange phase where I said "to the max!" at the end of every sentence... My email address is stephasaurus_2themax so I figured I would use that for Etsy too so I wouldn't confuse myself!

Do you have a crafty area? Or just a box of stuff?

I have a HUGE crafty area. And it is FULL of boxes of craft stuff!! It's a 10' x 16' bedroom.. (I like to call it my office ;)) and it looks like a ginormous craft barfed all over it. I have a sewing table, a button makin' table, two dressers full of fabric and boxes all over the floor full of different papers, paints, markers, pastels.. you name it, it's there...

What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?

Be patient! Don't be discouraged if you aren't selling everything immediately.. the sales will come! Until they do, hop in the chat and meet some fellow crafters.. you'll meet some great people, and I bet they'll have great advice for you too :)

How do you promote your work?

Here on Etsy I try to go in the chat at least once a night or post in the forums. I recently started a facebook group called "stephasaurus" which has already lead to a few custom requests and also I have given a lot of business cards out to friends and family, which helps spread the word! OH and when I go out, I always make sure I'm wearing a sweet button or carrying a kickass purse I've made to strike up interest in others, and guess what? It works everytime! ;)

If you bought your own island what would you name it?


If you had to choose to only make one crafty item the rest of your life what&why?

Definately bags/purses!! Mostly because of the fabric obsession I mentioned earlier, and also because I really do love to sew! I'll admit I get frustrated with it a wee bit sometimes, but it's very satisfying once you're finished and you have the final product in your hand :)

Lastly, how much ya love me? Be honest and open, I am not modest LOL

LOL, Tons! Seriously.. It's been a slice chattin' and helping each other out with silly things, and you were the first person I met on here.. even thought we've never technically "met". I'd like to take this chance thank you for the constant promoting of my things too!! You've made my stay here at Etsy a pleasure! :)



Stephasaurus said...

YAY!! Thanks so much :)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Great Q&A!

Mama Z said...

Very cute things!!!! Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Love the kooky questions. I give, what does "Shagwunkfgwaniggle" mean?

Excellent feature, great job!