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Monday, August 18, 2008

WEEK OF FEATURES #one Bethtastic

I am doing a week of fun funky fantastic features of etsy sellers. You will see people and items that will make you happy and drool, and maybe shop!
My first is Bethtastic (same name as me, Beth!)
Here is what she says
"As always, all of my resin pieces are sanded, buffed, polished, and finished off with a specialized resin high gloss coating.
I spend a lot of time on all of my jewelry, and feel like my prices are very reasonable, and the quality is either on par or better than many other resin shops on etsy.
Please feel free to convo me for custom pieces. I've done many custom pieces already, and so far, everyone has been more than happy with the outcome. "

HERE is what others say
"It's gorgeous, thank you so much! And for the extra sparkly pendant too :) "
"Super cool pendant! Too bad it's a gift so I have to part with it, but the recipient is definitely going to dig it. "
"Thanks for the awesome pendants, truly unique artist!!!"(I left this feedback)

So seriously check out this etsy artist, I cannot tell you how many comments I get when I wear the pieces from Beth, they are extremely unique and easy to wear!


beth said...

how much do i love you?! thanks bethhh.uz

Kylie B said...

Oh wow very nice, love the bangle!