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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good mail day(s)

I have been so inspired by a book I read recently that I have created a new habit in my life, sending and receiving good mail!
The book I read was called good mail day, I picked it up after a friend and I decided to start bringing postcards back in style!

These are two handmade postcards I have sent out for Good mail days!
I have also sent out tea samples, pinback buttons, really long letters in decorated envelopes, and much more. All to my friends so they have a good mail day. I have gotten back AWESOME stationary, postcards that light up my world, and fun notecards with my name on them!
Mail is more about bills and magazines! I think that real mail that takes time to send and receive is just amazing. I wonder what the postal carriers think of the mail I send out, and do they read the notes on my postcards? I wrote a poem on the back of a recent envelope in hopes that the postal carrier would read it!
Have you sent some good mail recently? Do it and you will probably get some in return!

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