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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dining by the Alphabet: B is for Biscottis

I am pretty sure Raven and I discovered the best brunch spot in Jacksonville.
Picture this, the weather is in the seventies in February, you arrive to a cute little bistro/cafe and sit outside in the early spring breeze enjoying sweet and savory concoctions that are only good enough to belong to a Sunday.
So Raven and I decided on Biscottis for two reasons. One: we both wanted to try it, and Two: we had a coupon. A coupon or special trumps and seals the deal in any decision.
Sitting outside in February was a treat, but not anywhere close to the treat of the extensive menu with an endless array of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drink options. Nestled in the quaint Avondale area Biscottis offers more than enough to satisfy your need for something new.
We both ordered off the Sunday brunch menu. Asking the waitress what was good did nothing to help my decision because everything she suggested sounded amazing, all the descriptions were just as titillating. I finally chose the crab, asparagus, and brie quiche. Three ingredients I adored in a little egg pie, with a side of bacon and cheese grits. This was my first time trying grits, yum, not my last time with this side dish! This was the perfect mid day brunch item! I also tried one of the fancy pink lemonades. Delicious.
Raven ordered the Creme Brulee french toast. This was my second choice, it SHOULD have been my first. The waitress recommended it but she did not do it justice. So sweet that it does not even come with syrup, this is quite possibly THE BEST french toast I had ever sampled. It was so good you would eat a piece even if it fell on the table! HEHE!
This restaurant was easily one of the best places we have eaten so far and even though we are only on B I don't think it will be easy to top. I cannot wait to come here again, I peered in their dessert case a couple times but I had no room for more calories, I was so tempted. Next time I will be getting that french toast, it was worth it! This place is easily the perfect spot for coffee and slowing down the day for a few hours.

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