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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dining by the Alphabet: A

A friend and I are doing a dining by the alphabet challenge, there is so many interesting restaurants in Jacksonville! We started with B then skipped to O, but I am going to do the blog in order as we are trying to continue on in order. A is for Aw Shucks
This time our group was pretty huge, eight people. Usually it is just Raven and I, which is nice, its chill and relaxing, we get one on one talking time, and we really get to explore and enjoy the food we are trying! But eight was also fun, almost everyone was new to the oyster experience.
Oysters Rockefeller: We all tried these oysters, on the half shell, with garlic, parmesan, parsley, and spinach. Yum! I had never had oysters
I ended up ordering a fried oyster and shrimp combo, pretty good, a little expensive, fun to try oysters. We also split crab stuffed mushrooms, and they were amazing, my favorite fungi!
Raven got a deliciously seasoned and flavorful spinach and feta topped flounder. It did not say mushrooms on the menu but came topped with them, not cool! Not everyone likes shrooms! She still enjoyed it!

My friend Candace decided to join us, she is an adventurer too! She got a fish slider, no complaints on her end.
After we had sat and chatted and stuffed ourselves silly with seafood we went and played arcade games. Yes, this restaurant had an arcade that gave away tickets for chintzy prizes. I sucked at all the games, and only got like eighty tickets, enough for two pieces of gum and two airheads! All in all I think I would give the night a 6 out of 10 stars. There was a few complainants, the food was pricey (not necessarily worth the price), the service was lacking a bit, but I decided that I would love to give them another try. The menu was full of lots of choices and I think I would love to try their gyro.

AND so onward and upward to new culinary delights and adventures. We only have three rules for dining by the alphabet
#1: Restaurants need not be visited in ABC order. (like if we find a wicked awesome coupon for Q but we are only on F it is ok to skip ahead, you cannot pass up a good coupon)
#2: Friends are welcomed both Raven and I both need to be present for it to count on our list.
#3: The goal is to find places new to each of us; however, if it is just new to one of us that will count. (So far three out of three have been brand new to both of us).

You should trying something like this challenge in your own city, you might just discover a new cafe or sandwich shop and broaden your horizons!


Rachel W K said...

I LOVE this idea! I am definitely suggesting it to my husband, as there are a ton of place we want to try but just never get around to. Good luck making it to Z, have fun!


Rachel you really should, and if your actual city doesn't have all the letters you can go to close surrounding cities. You may discover your new favorite hangout!