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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ten Purchases of 2010

I think I bought some pretty cool things on etsy in 2010. So I am sharing it here with you, maybe you will find something amazing to buy in 2011!
Support Love bumper sticker, I proudly have on my car.
Chap stick Five pack, totally addictive stuff!
Absinthe lip gloss, the drink is yuck, the chap stick is good!
F-Love resin Necklace, lots of fun comments on this one!
My yellow messager bag, aka, MY travel bag, never fly without it!
Mr. Moustache, such a fun shirt! I bought it for a themed art walk!
Sent this to my bestie Tyler for his birthday!
More lip balm, flavored and tinted!
Awesome headband for my birthday celebrations!
Red heads rock pinback, because DUH we do rock!

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