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Monday, March 17, 2008

Super cute key chains

You need to check out this artist.

Glassidentities, that is the artists shop name. She does glass business cards, and other awesome items like the one above. She sent me this key chain which is a replica of a print in my shop. I mean it looks perfect, not blurry, just bright and very eye catching. It is a great way to promote your shop, because people will have to look. I don't know about you but I drive a lot and have my keys out A LOT!

CHECK HER OUT, you won't regret it!


seaglassthings said...

That is very creative idea for the biz cards - I just checked out her shop! Great find and feature! Marla :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'm checking her shop. Sometimes it's a toss as to what's more creative on Etsy, the actual creations or the concepts.

Tam, I am said...

Ooo, I am off to check out her shop!